British Regional Map Gifts

At Unique British Gifts, we've put together a set of current and historical British map-related gifts and gift sets including de-luxe gift boxes of historical British regional maps, map jigsaws, aerial photos and prints. 

PLUS - My House History, a fascinating made-to-order document that presents historical Ordnance Survey map extracts centred on your home or area of choice

Each item can be personalised to a region of your choice.

Aerial Photographs

Our aerial photographs centred on your home come with two options. Choose from a framed 60cm (24 inch) square map tile displaying a 1.85 mile distance north to south and east to west or 46 cm square canvas map displaying an area 1.08 square miles.

British Map Jigsaws

Our unique, made-to-order British map jigsaws centred on a place of your choice make a truly unique British gift. Choose from different mapping styles, including OS Landranger, Streetview and Aerial and either present day or historic maps.

Historical Maps of London

Our Historical Maps of London 5 map box-set provides a fascinating overview of 150 years of Londonís rich history from 1805 to 1948, revealing how the capital engulfed surrounding villages to become, for much of this period, the largest city in the world.

Maps Centred on your Home

Our collection of Maps Centred on your Home comprises both framed and canvas maps of an area of your choosing. You can choose present day or historic maps or a combination of both. Simply provide us with a postcode and let us do the rest!

My House History

My House History is a fascinating made-to-order document presenting a unique dossier tracing the geographical changes over 150 years surrounding your home, property and local community. Your portfolio is presented in a handsome and high quality storage case.